Week1 Assignment

Upload a website contains bio and project proposal to gitlab using Git

Here's the main steps:

  1. Install Git
  2. Learn about git
  3. Set up gitlab account
  4. Generate a site using Hexo (optional)
  5. Fill some content
  6. Deploy to gitlab

1. Install Git

Installing Git on Mac:

There are several ways to install Git on a Mac. The easiest is probably to install the Xcode Command Line Tools. On Mavericks (10.9) or above you can do this simply by trying to run git from the Terminal the very first time. If you don’t have it installed already, it will prompt you to install it.

2. Learn about git

I wrote a note about this. 「多用 Git 少交税

3. Set up gitlab account

First, sign up for fablabs.io. Then login git.fabacademy.org with fablabs.io account. After local guru adding you to the list, you can find the project you've joined.

Add SSH key in 「Profile Settings」following this instruction: SSH keys.

Use git clone to pull the project files down. By the way, you can find your student number in the students list page.

4. Generate a site using Hexo (optional)

Now you can add html pages to your website. Of course, Jekyll is a better choice. Among those CMS or blog publish tools, my favorite is Hexo. Hexo is a fast, simple & powerful blog framework.

I've wrote a note about how to migrate from wordpress to hexo.

install Node.js

I use nvm to install Node.js 。

cURL: $ curl https://raw.github.com/creationix/nvm/master/install.sh | sh

Wget: $ wget -qO- https://raw.github.com/creationix/nvm/master/install.sh | sh

After installation, reopen terminal, then install Node.js:$ nvm install 4

Of course, you can downloan the latest version from Node.js.

install Hexo

$ sudo npm install -g hexo-cli

Then go into the folder you want to put your site, and initialize Hexo

$ hexo init
$ npm install

Now you can customise your site according to the documentation of Hexo

Tip: Because our site is put in a subdirectory, so we need to set url and root parent path in site config file "_config.yml"


url: http://archive.fabacademy.org/
root: /archives/2016/fablabshenzhen/students/yourid

5. Fill some content

An about page and a project proposal are needed.

You can edit md file genarated by hexo, or edit a webpage in texteditor. I use Sublime Text to edit html page :

and css file:

Here's what my site looks like:

I also tried Adobe Edge Animate and Esspresso

6. Deploy to gitlab

Use hexo generate & hexo deploy to generate local website files. Then copy the whole 「public」 folder to the repo clone from gitlab (only to your own folder). If everything works fine, upload the changes to the repo:

git add
git commit -m "your comment"
git push

Your can visit my page to see the result.

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