Week7 Assignment

This week's assigment is

make something big

I tried to make a simply CNC guitar.

Making a guitar is quite a complex work. I checked out a bunch of tutorials or videos:

Make a Guitar with CNC


I decided to use Fusion 360 for 3D modeling. There're some detail discussions in Autodesk user forum. Inventables forum also included some design and making tutorials. I found this video can be a nice starting guide for using Fusion 360 to creat a guitar body shape:

Modeling a Guitar in Fusion 360 with T-Splines - YouTube

Then I started to draw my guitar based on these guides.

The body:

The neck:

I'll do these two main parts first.

Then we should make some setup for CAM.

Go to the CAM workspace in Fusion360. Select the component, click 「SETUP」 tool, and change the 「Model orientation」 to Z & X:

Then select the body face to set Z axis:

Then choose the stock starting point by clicking the 「Stock box point」 and choose the up corner point:

Next, change the size of the stock.

Now we can generate the path for cam. Select 2D-Face

Select 50mm face mill

Then select 2D-Adaptive Clearing, select 80mm flat endmill and select the edge of extrusion

Now we get the adaptive clearing path:

Then select 2D-Countour and choose 60mm flat endmill, and the same edge as we do in 2D-Adaptive Clearing

It seemed a little complex, so I tried 3D Adaptive. But still many collisions.


The Shopbot isn't ready in our lab. So I'll update making notes later.


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