Week9 Assignment

group assignment

make a machine, including the end effector

build the passive parts and operate it manually

document the group project and your individual contribution

Our group's machine is an auto egg-roll cutting tool. Everyone had no idea about how to make this machine. Then we stuied the lecture one more time and gather all the materials we need.

This is the first time I had real understanding of engineering: everything should be perfectly matched.


We started from measuring the components:

Then I read these tutorials:


In the beginning, I tried to use the cut files in the tutorials. But the cardboards in our lab weren't satisified our need. So I redesign the 3D model in Fusion 360.

First, set the parameters for components so that we can make quick change according to the material we use

then draw parts one by one

You can download Fusion 360 design file and the cut files from box.net.

Laser Cut and Assembly

Since the woodboard in our lab is 450 mmx300 mm, we had to divide them into two parts and glue them together.

The cutting parameters:

  • speed:2.7
  • power:97

I was not confident about my design, so I do some experiments:

It seemed ok:

then we made the real parts and assembled them:

Ready for the next week!

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