2.17 Week4 Note

electronics production


Circuits program circuits. Circuitboard you load a program to another board.

PCB(Printed Circuit Board) fabrication

No use etching(蚀刻), but machining, which is good for prototyping and is not good for volume production.

Use 1/64 for the surface of the board, and 1/32 for cutting through (make edges).

The sequence:

  • fixturing 装夹,紧固(用双面胶)
  • underlay (衬底)
  • orientation
  • zeroing (针头刚好接触板面)
  • set-screws (固定螺丝)
  • lifetime
  • deburring (去毛刺)
  • cleaning

check this tutorial in detail, or a Video Walkthrough

PCB materials: FR1(made from natural fiber) for rigid, Kapton / #1 epoxy film(环氧胶膜) / #1126 copper tape(铜箔胶带) for flex (use vinyl cutter).

Design rules: width/spacing (15, 5 mils)

Components: through-hole(穿孔), surface-mount(表面贴装), chip-scale(封装). ATTINY44

Assembly: solder焊锡, make joints shiny and smooth

CAM: use fab modules to make the PCB

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