2.3 Week2 Note

Fab Academy 2016 class schedule

CAD tools list

3D modeling software can be geared more towards artistic/sculpting or engineering.

  • The parametric approach is typically used by engineers and architects because the file contains more specific dimensions, relationships, and can include a design history.
  • The explicit approach is typically used by artists and industrial designers because it can be more flexible. Explicit modeling allows changes to be made on the fly and small changes are not necessarily related to any other defined point of the geometry.

Among these tools, I chose:

  • 2D (raster): Photoshop
  • 2D (vector): Sketch
  • 3D (parametric, 外型): Rhino

    Rhino ($1,000 - Windows, Mac; 90 days free trial) This program is one of the most reliable programs for converting file types. Rhino’s open architecture allows users to also utilize Rhino as a development platform: a C++ SDK and a series of scripting methods (RhinoScript) allow programmers of any level of expertise to customize and automate Rhino and extend its capabilities.

  • 3D (parametric, 结构): Fusion 360

    AutoDesk Fusion 360 ($300/year or $40/month, free for students, educators, and startups - Mac, Windows 64-bit; 30-day free trial) This powerful program has both engineering design capabilities and form creation tools, as well as useful features for the 3D printing world like the ability to generate CNC toolpaths.

  • 3D (parametric, 综合): Solidworks

    Solidworks ($3,500 or more - Windows) typically used by professional design engineers.

  • 3D (programmatic): Antimony

    Antimony (Free, Open Source - Mac, Linux) A new programmatic 3d design software that can build very mathematically-specific models. If you like formulas, functions, and flowcharts you'll want to check this one out. Just like quartz composer!

  • 3D (explicit): Blender

    Blender (Free, Open Source - Linux, Mac, Windows) is typically used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, interactive 3D applications and video games. Powerful but quite difficult to learn. It is handy to have for fixing and making simple changes to STL files.


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