Week2 Assignment

Model final project using CAD tools.

2D & 3D softwares

2D tool

As a UI/Interaction design, I use Sketch most of the time:

3D tools

Sketchup is quite handy for designing interior space and large scale objects:

Project model design

I try to model a box for theremin like this in Fusion 360 :

Step 1 : creat a base part

Step 2 : creat a top part

Step 3 : creat antennas (one for volume and the other for pitch)

Step 4 : creat joint and nut for pitch control antenna

Step 5 : assemble antennas to the base part

here's the detail of joint and nut

Step 6 : put the top part onto the base

You can download my 2D and 3D design file from box.net.

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