1.27 Week1 Note

Fab Academy 2016 class schedule


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3D printting was inventing in 1980s

Computers controlling machine dates back to the 50s

Digital fabrication

  • Casual meaning: a computer controls a machine and makes stuff. I give you data and you make a thing
  • Deeper meaning: digitizing the fabrication processes; digitizing the materials themselves. I give you data and data becomes the thing

The road map:

  • 1.0: computers control machines
  • 2.0: use machines to make machines (we're here)
  • 3.0: put codes in materials
  • 4.0: put programs in materials

Modular machines that Make Project

So, the goal is to make machine that makes machine!

Usually, we have different tools for the whole process.

Prof. Gershenfeld are writing a bowser-based tool to merge all of those.

Today we are at the birth of internet of real things. Digitizing fabrication with codes and construction.

The goal of a Fab lab is to make itself obsolete.

Project management

Class video

Class material

project management principles

  • demand- vs supply-side time management

    Supply-side is you decide in advance how you going to spend your time. Plan your time in advance.

  • serial vs parallel development

  • spiral development

    MVP. Build the minimum viable prototype at the very beginning. Then make spiral improvement

  • bottom-up vs top-down debugging

  • hierarchy, modularity

    Start from a little thing that works and then add parts. Develop parts separately and then aggregate them.



Class material

Files should less than 10M.


  • Pick a potential final project
  • Go through different web development tools
  • Learn git and push to your website

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